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Scott Sub 20 Bike

scott sub 20 bike

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mrbrown's Scott Sub 20

mrbrown's Scott Sub 20

The SUB, or Speed Utility Bike from Scott is a great city bike. Fast and nimble and a joy to ride. I got this used from a friend who wanted to get a foldie instead. I upgraded it with XT shifters, SLX crankset, Deore Front D and an Ultegra 9-speed cassette for a more road feel.

Now I am left with an Alivio 8-speed drive train and some low-end Shimano crankset that I will probably put on another low-end bike to be used for errands.

Also added a Topeak Super Tourist DX rack because I cannot take the commuter out of me, even with a bike meant for speedy weekend rides. The bike also came with Tranz-X Bar ends and a carbon handlebar.

The brake pads have been changed to Kool-Stop Thinline All Weather brake pads. Nice and grippy now.

I transferred the wireless Cat Eye Strada cyclocomputer and Shimano XT M770 SPDs from my Hardrock to the Sub 20 soon after this shot was taken. Looking for nice fenders now.

I am also very tempted to change the wheelset down the road. The Maxxis Colombiere 26x1.3 tires are fine but I am probably going to change them to Panaracer T-serv Messenger 26x1.25 tires. I like the ride quality of the T-servs more, especially around corners and on wet ground.

Bobbin and his Scott Sub 20

Bobbin and his Scott Sub 20

Bobbin bought a Scott Speed Utility Bike, a SUB 20 hybrid and spent another few hundred on accessories like bar-ends, lights, saddle pouch, bottle cage and a carbon handlebar.

Update: This bike now belongs to me. I love it.

scott sub 20 bike

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