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buy trek bikes online

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Trekking Bike*

Trekking Bike*

Kona Dew. Set up like a European trekking bike. Not enough pictures of this setup, so here you go. The bars are Nashbar, a clone of the Modolo Yuma.

You can trekkify all sorts of uncomfortable hybrids on the American market with these bars. Usually you 'll want to uncheap a few other things as well. ;-)

*Sort of a silly name--but it's caught on overseas. Basically just a decked out hybrid with all the doodads. Goofy handlebars optional.

Trek Bike

Trek Bike

The Raleigh Trek BIke shop has been great at the rides I've been on this year. They're always around to help out. If you're in the market for a Trek, check them out cause they really support the local cycling community.

buy trek bikes online

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