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Canari Gel Bike Shorts

canari gel bike shorts

    bike shorts
  • Cycling shorts (also known as bike shorts, bicycling shorts or knicks) are short, skin-tight legwear designed to improve comfort and efficiency while cycling.

  • Canari is a commune in the Haute-Corse department of France on the island of Corsica.

  • Indigenous people of the northern Andes, who lived in what is now part of Ecuador. Defeated and largely relocated by the pre-Hispanic Inka, they became important allies of the Spanish during the conquest.

  • The Canari (in Kichwa: Kanari) were the ancient inhabitants of the territory of the modern provinces of Azuay and Canar in Ecuador.

  • A substance of this consistency used for setting the hair

  • gelatin: a thin translucent membrane used over stage lights for color effects

  • A semisolid colloidal suspension of a solid dispersed in a liquid

  • a colloid in a more solid form than a sol

  • become a gel; "The solid, when heated, gelled"

  • A jellylike substance containing a cosmetic, medicinal, or other preparation

Contemporary Resort Village, Canari in Corsica - Aerial View

Contemporary Resort Village, Canari in Corsica - Aerial View

Location: Canari, Corsica

Built into the excavated cliff face at Canari. The Corsica Resort Village puts back the missing part of the mountain with a “landscape building” using green architecture. This brilliantly re-establishes the once damaged profile of the Corsican landscape.

The existing factory will be rebuilt using sympathetic materials and a vernacular yet contemporary design. Meanwhile, the coast below will have weather breaks to create a docking bay and vertical infrastructure. This allows access the coast, road and buildings.

The design envisages, amongst other things, a marina restaurant, event theatres, a spa centre and resort terraces. Ideal not only for general tourism but also for business and international conventions. In addition, facilities are made available for human activities which would support the project in the long-term, such as planting.

Corsica is a unique island. It’s history goes back thousands of years to the waves of settlers and invaders. Each leaving their cultural footprints and the geological and climatic features in all their diversity. This gives the island and Canari in particular its unique character.



Stretto il guinzaglio in una mano, nell'altra la fida sigaretta. Paura atavica nell'uno e controllo del territorio nell'altro. Chi lo ha riconosciuto come capobranco ricorda ora il tempo in cui era libero e feroce. Forse si e pentito.

canari gel bike shorts

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